About me

I’m Aisling. Hello.

Irish (you might have guessed from the name) but I’m not sure I’m even hanging on to a hint of the accent anymore. I think I have – finally – set down roots, near the New Forest, south of Salisbury. For years I just couldn’t get rid of the tingling in my feet, the itch to keep travelling.

That’s what happens when you’ve had a childhood bouncing from one epic country to the next. After 10 years in the UK I finally realised I was probably not going to leave and I am loving making it Home.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


My sisters and I used to play word games when we were kids, coming up with multiple meanings for simple phrases. That’s when I fell in love with words. Play around with the order in a sentence or load the emphasis differently and you are telling a completely new story.

There’s an art to telling the tale and telling it the way your readers want to hear it – getting this right means they will soon listen and remember.