The Power of Email

What’s so great about email marketing anyway? Does it feel like a lot of effort, when “no one reads emails”? If that’s what you are thinking you haven’t seen the data behind this marketing tactic.

Email marketing is still ranked as the most effective method for converting a sale or getting a prospect to get in touch – better than social, SEO and affiliate marketing. The big thing to remember with emails is that someone had to sign up and agreed to hear from you again. They like you that much that they are willing to have their inbox clogged with ANOTHER email because they thought what you were talking about and showing them was pretty ace.

According to Statista 74% of people regularly use email. Social media can be quite fleeting, with people browsing and flicking speedily through posts. Affiliate marketing has earned a bit of a bad rep in the last while, and audiences are quick to question whether the celeb is being paid to say what they are raving about. With digital ads you are lucky if someone lingers for longer than a second on them.

I’m not saying that these other marketing tactics are no good. On the contrary actually, to have a successful outcome a range of methods is the best option. It also means you are in all the different places where your audiences might be. On average people need to see an ad/brand on 3 separate occasions before it lodges in their mind.

But emails… the pure act of opening an email helps fix the brand in the reader’s mind. Getting the subject matter right is very important, but with the right imagery and copy inside you will have your customer hooked and keen to click through to your website. 

Getting your audience to buy or get in touch is a staged process. Email #1 is not going to convert a sale! You need to gently coax them down the conversion funnel, building up interest and trust. 

Whether it’s creating evergreen content or an email for which you have a specific goal in mind I can help you with persuasive content that makes your customer take action. 


Well, then get in touch.

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